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Meet Our Staff

Our warm and compassionate team loves helping our patients be the best version of themselves. We’d like you to get to know them better.

Dr Anthony Dawson, CEO

Dr Anthony Dawson

Dr Anthony is the Founder and Director/CEO of Chiropractic Indonesia and Spinal Health and Wellness in Indonesia. He also is the CEO of Chiropractic Care in Singapore. Dr Anthony first came to Bali, Indonesia in the 70s. He witnessed his father healed from years of back pain and migraines by a traditional healer. That practitioner used both manual (massage) and local herbal treatments.

Dr Anthony has 35 years of experience and passion in both manual and nutritional therapies. At Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd, he helps patients enjoy better health through a balanced solution approach.

I want to help them achieve daily optimal physical, mental and nutritional health and wellbeing.” He wants patients to know that health can be achieved without the use of drugs and surgeries.”

Arthur Mercado, Physiotherapist

Arthur Mercado (Physical Therapist)

To prepare for his career as a physical therapist, Arthur graduated from RMIT in 2000. Arthur became a certified myotherapist by Hands on Health Australia under RMIT. He also serves as a chiropractic assistant and helps provide spinal decompression and other modalities to patients. He enjoys helping to alleviate patients’ pain and assisting them in achieving optimum health.

Arthur’s experience includes the following:

  • Worked as a myotherapist in one of the pioneer chiropractic clinics in Manila, Philippines
  • Served as a myotherapist with the Radisson Cruise Line
  • Worked as a therapeutic exercise trainer of one of the local clinics in Singapore

When he’s not at work, Arthur enjoys hiking and doing macro photography of insects and wildlife.

Jennifer Lam, Receptionist

Jennifer Lam (Receptionist)

With an interest in holistic health and beauty, Jennifer decided to learn yoga. She taught Hatha Yoga for all ages for 10 years in local community centres. Jennifer has completed a course in Aromatherapy (UK) in 2003 working with essential oil therapies in massages and as supplements, then extending to using them in food-grade cosmetics without harmful chemicals.

Jennifer also has been a makeup artist and has a Diploma in Makeup (Cosmoprof). She’s done events, commercials, brides, shows and portfolios.

Believing that health is wholistic, Jennifer considers people to be wholesome beings that should be treated as unique individuals. “In addition to exercise and physical therapies, emotional balance and nutritional support are crucial to our wellbeing that brings radiant vitality.”

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys eating organic whole foods, swimming, cycling, reading, yoga and You-tubing.

Christine Tan, Massage Therapist

Christine Tan (Receptionist and Massage Therapist)

In her role at the practice, Christine is responsible for assisting patients with their appointments and payments. She also helps provide bodywork therapies before the adjustments done by the doctors.

Before joining Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd, Christine developed her customer service and massage skills at Healing Touch Pte Ltd. There, she quickly established a group of regular clientele. She also succeeded in helping clients to achieve their desired weight.

Christine possesses the following credentials:

  • Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC)
  • Diploma in Beauty Specialists (ITEC)
  • Professional Certificate in Traditional Massotherapy
  • Certificate in Post-Natal Massage

When she’s not working, Christine enjoys baking, cooking and creating new recipes.

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