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Dr Vismai Schonfelder (Chiropractor)

Dr Vismai Schonfelder, ChiropractorVismai joined Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd in June 2019. He replaced Dr Robert Wasserman, who has been serving the people of Singapore for 26 years.

“Since starting, I have had the chance to meet quite a few of you and thank you for the warm welcome. I have also had the opportunity to share a meal, enjoy a walk and meet your families.”

Chiropractic Education and Areas of Interest

Vismai graduated from Melbourne University in 1998 with his chiropractic degree. After that, he moved to Amsterdam with his Dutch wife. There, they had a chiropractic office for 16 years.

As he earned a master’s degree in chiropractic paediatric care, Vismai is passionate about family healthcare. In particular, he enjoys focusing on the following conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Autism
  • Late bed wetting
  • School stress
  • Sleeping and concentration difficulties
  • Youth sporting injuries

He also has a keen interest in supporting women during their pregnancies. Vismai also is passionate about using chiropractic as a part of a healthy lifestyle. “Families visited me monthly as a way of keeping the body in balance to help deal with the inevitable stressors that life tends to present.”

Vismai is also certified in the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). He’s also an international speaker who has spoken at chiropractic symposiums all over the world. He was voted “Best Chiropractor of the Year” by his colleagues in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In His Spare Time

When Vismai isn’t working, he enjoys spending time his family. They are all avid travelers. They have journeyed throughout India, Nepal, Indonesia and Sri Lanka where they homeschooled their children and did some philanthropic work.

“We also are a mad surfing family, love different cultures and enjoy exploring different foods, music and fashion.” Vismai also enjoys art, ballet and theatre. He has been married to Jyoti since 1999. They have two beautiful teenage children Dali and Finn.

Vismai also leads a minimalistic lifestyle and prefers experiences over consuming things. “Meditation is my addiction, and I have been doing this daily for more than 20 years.”

Book an Appointment

Next time you are in our office, please introduce yourself to Vismai and let him know how he can help you achieve a more balanced and comfortable lifestyle.

Dr Vismai Schonfelder | 6738 9142